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Sobre o CENP >> # Media Technical Committee
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# Media Technical Committee

The CTM (Media Technical Committee), as it is more commonly known, is responsible for the analysis of the certification applications from input suppliers, aligned with the best practices of activities related to studies, planning, negotiation and media execution.

It also works as a consulting and technical advice body regarding the compliance with Annex A (use of media survey services).

It is integrated to CENP organic structure and formed by 24 members, among officeholders and deputies, media professionals of renowned competence, who perform their activities at advertising agencies, media companies and advertisers.

The CTM recommends to CENP Executive Board the acceptance or not of certification applications, always taking, exclusively, technical data into consideration in their analysis.


Adriana Fávaro

Fernanda Lima
Flavio Franco

Luciana Prado

Fábio Saad
João Oliver
Thiago Rodrigues



Antonio Ricardo Ferreira

Andrea Costa do Nascimento

Elaine Lösch


Giani Giraldi Scarin

Juliana Simomura
Felipe Nicoletto
Vânia Maria Ferreira



Bruno Flocke

Henrique Belmonte

Marcelo Coutinho


Sonia Leme

Fernanda Scozzafave
Rafael Laender
Natacha Volpini
Iuri Filho