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Sobre o CENP >> # Executive Directorship
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# Executive Directorship

CENP’s Executive Directorship is an administrative body of the entity, formed by seven members (a president three vice-presidents and three directors with no specific designation) who are responsible for the internal administrative demands, ordinarily meeting on a quarterly basis or extraordinarily, whenever necessary.
The following activities are under the responsibility of the Executive Directorship: to enable registration of media service price lists; support the department of certifications; support the Legal Department and the Ethics Council on demands that require a combined  decision; to set associate’s contributions and approve institutional associate applications, among others.

The annual budget plan of CENP is also the responsibility of the Executive Directorship. It also has to be sanctioned by the Executive Board of the entity. Its accounts are regularly examined by independent auditors (PwC-PricewaterhouseCoopers). Then, they are annually approved by the Fiscal Council and the General Assembly of associates, under the terms of By-Laws. For further information on CENP’s By-Laws click here.

Caio BarsottiPresidente
Luiz Lara1° vice-presidente
Patrick Sabatier2° vice-presidente
Fred Müller3° vice-presidente
Carlos Rubens DonéDiretor
Cesar Augusto Ferreira PaimDiretor
Antônio Carlos de MouraDiretor